Dan Bay

DJ Live 10.10. 22:30 Uhr

Dan Bay is producer, DJ and musician from Frankfurt/Main Germany. His organic electronic music is influenced by field recording and live-synthesizing during his traveling around the world. The atmosphere he creates in his music is partially sentimental but danceable. Dan Bay plays live as a one-man band with synthesizers and e-drum or as a DJ. He usually plays his own productions and remixes and can be heard at least once a month live at Radio X Frankfurt.

Latest Releases:

Digital: Laut & Luise 2019/2020, WAYU Records 2020 Heimlich 2020, Leveldva 2020, Lump Records 2020, Baikal Nomads 2020, Kosa 2020

Vinyl: Fine Beatz 2020, Kalakuta Soul Records 2020, Limpio Records 2020, Bunte Kuh 2020, Les disques du bord de l’eau 2020, NDYD 2019, ANALOGmusiq 2018, SUCIO 2017


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